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10 Things That Good Dancers Do.

10 Things That Good Dancers Do.

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Becoming a good dancer is not about having "natural talent", in spite of what some people may say, but rather, about doing a lot of things differently to the average person. Here are 10 different methods for developing yourself into the best dancer you can possibly be.

1. Work on difficult things.

It feels great to perform a dance routine, and know that we are doing it well. But could we be deceiving ourselves? It's ever so easy to choose the moves for a routine that we know we can do to a high-standard, but as for improving your dance technique - it's not doing you many favours. So be brave, take risks, gamble on twists and turns you've never tried before. They may not look polished to begin with, but it will help morph you into a more rounded and skilled dancer.

2. Use a video and a mirror regularly in practice.

While this might make you cringe in many ways - it's proven to be one of the most effective methods for fast improvement. There's nothing like watching yourself in action to see where you need to hold your arm up a little higher, arch your back a little further or make your leg a little straighter.

3. Learn to dance alone.

It isn't effective to work with a partner when you become reliant on them as a crutch - distracting you from your own technique. If you can make your own mark on the dance floor, then you'll be unstoppable.

4. Aim to constantly learn about dancing.

This is an integral element of transfiguring an individual perception and voice. Don't be ignorant, there's always more to learn.

5. Discover instructors/mentors that you gel with and that encourage you to be the best version of yourself.

There are few things worse than having an instructor whose criticism isn't constructive, but rather, detrimental to your confidence.

6. Practice EVERYTHING.

Your pirouettes, leaps, footwork. "Practice makes perfection", as they say, so don't expect to see results until you've put in the work.

7. Silence your inner critic.

The critic you have on the inside of you is a voice of doubt and uncertainty that prevents us from pursuing meaningful endeavours. Mentally press the mute button.

8. Develop a network of support.

It's difficult to make friends as an adult when you're juggling multiple commitments, but we're always going to need them, in spite of the unspoken expectation that we should be capable of doing things alone. Successful individuals tend to have masses of support from their loved ones, family and friends, dancers included.

9. Regularly get consistent, accurate feedback during practice.

Feedback sources include your mirror, partner, instructor and video.

10. Commit.

This is something that you will be doing for a while. Persevere, even when things get really difficult, (which they will).

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