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10 Simple Ways To Stay Active Throughout The Day

10 Simple Ways To Stay Active Throughout The Day

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Better fitness benefits all areas of your life; from boosting your mood, to improving your complexion.

Gym workouts aren't the only way to increase fitness either; start making your whole day about raising your heartbeat and revving up your metabolism.

1. Sit ups or running on the spot during ad breaks

Make yourself do three minutes of intensive exercise every time a break comes on the TV. Obviously, with smart TV's and Netflix you may just need to pause what you're watching every 20 minutes or so to achieve this goal.

Change the exercise you do each time to keep it fun and get some small pieces of equipment for your living room, such as a stepping block. If you're watching TV with someone, why not get them involved and make it into a competition.

2. Change up your walking speed

The next time you're walking somewhere, concentrate on your pace and try to vary the speed of it in order to get your heart rate up. Even if it's just a short walk from the car or train station to the office, it all adds up to make a real difference.

3. Set a timer to remind you to move

Actions are easier to implement when you have a means to staying on track. Setting a timer, either on a smart watch or just your phone, is an effective way of motivating yourself to exercise regularly.

4. Tone muscles while you work

Do specific muscle exercises whilst sitting at your desk working, or while you cook dinner. One example is to stand up on tip toes and hold the pose before placing your feet back on the ground.

5. Change the way you travel

You don't always need to rely on motorised wheels to get around, try using leg power instead. Make an effort to walk to places and if it's too far, then get on a bicycle and pedal there. You will love the feeling of swapping up fuel guzzling transportation with a greener alternative that gets you leaner too!

6. Walk around while you're on the phone

This is fairly easy to implement and may make you more dynamic sounding on the phone too. Instead of lounging back in your chair to talk to someone on the phone, make a point of walking around.

7. Fitness balls

Having a fitness ball to hand is great tool for toning up easily and effectively. Why not substitute your office chair for one every now and again, or keep one in the living room to bust out some moves whilst watching TV. There are loads of exercises you can do to specifically target certain muscle groups. Watch this video for some guidance.

8. Evening walks

Rather than just slumping on the sofa when you get home, force yourself to go out for a quick walk instead. Just 10 minutes over a period of time can have a dramatic impact on your health. Re-focus your brain by making mental notes on the changing of the seasons. Come rain or shine, wrap up and get out there!

9. Play sport with family & friends

Instead of juts sitting and watching sport on TV with friends and family, get everyone outside to actually play some, even if it's just a quick game of catch. You'll still be getting your heart rate raised and be having fun at the same time.

10. Start the day with some yoga

First thing when you wake up, bring your awareness to the breath and stretch out your muscles. Have a mat on your bedroom floor, or in the most convenient place for you, and even if you do just 5 minutes each morning, those 5 minutes eventually amount to an hour and so on. Upholding a small daily practice can be more beneficial than doing a big chunk all in one go and then forgetting about it for weeks. Yoga is a discipline and should be adhered as such, no matter how much you do each day.

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