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10 Facts About Being a 20-Something

10 Facts About Being a 20-Something

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Congratulations, you've survived your teens! So now you're supposedly adult-ing in your 20's and should have life all figured out by now, right? This generation also has so much to think about, we have to remember to stay focused in our career/studies, stay connected in our relationships and friendships, keep fit, eat well, work at our hobbies, I could go on...

Here are 10 things that most 20-year-old can relate to.

1. Talking to teenagers makes you feel old.

2. Naps feel great.

3. If you live at home, people judge you.

4. If you can't drive yet, people judge you.

5. You begin to say "when I was your age" to children.

6. Making new friends takes effort.

7. Your parents say you need to grow up and yet still treat you like a child.

8. You like going to sleep early.

9. Reading a book curled up on the sofa sounds like a great night in.

10. Living in halls has turned you into a clean freak (unless you were one of the messy ones).

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